British Thyroid Association guideline endorsement
The British Thyroid Association (BTA) is committed to promoting activities that progress the field of thyroidology and enhance the clinical care of patients with thyroid disorders. The BTA is responsible for the development and production of guidelines in various thyroidology subject areas but is willing, in principle, to endorse guidelines prepared by other societies.

The BTA Guidelines Endorsement statement is available to download.


The new "British Thyroid Association Guidelines for the Management of Thyroid Cancer" are now available as a PDF from Clinical Endocrinology

Management of Thyroid Cancer.

National Training Scheme for use of radioiodine in benign thyroid disease

Tuesday 25 November 2014
Birmingham Research Park, Vincent Drive, Edgbaston, B15 2SQ
Application Form:

radioiodine in benign thyroid disease (PDF)

The Royal College of Physicians Statement on The Diagnosis and Management of Primary Hypothyroidism is available to download here.

The BTA executive committee has updated the Armour and Combined T4/T3 statement and this is available to download.

The BTA executive committee has modified the endorsement of the British Fluoridation Society statement as below and the new statement is available to download.
'This statement has been reviewed and endorsed by the British Thyroid Association (BTA), however the BTA would recommend that appropriate monitoring of thyroid status should be considered in areas where fluoridation is introduced to enable an ongoing epidemiological evidence base for thyroid status with fluoridation to be created.'

The updated Radioiodine guidelines (2007, previous version 1995) are available from a link to the RCP website.

The BTA executive has prepared a patient information sheet on hyperthyroidism (July 2007) and this is available here.

The BTA executive has also produced a Patient Information statement on Hypothyroidism and the press and public will be requested to refer to this as needed.

The Clinical committee of the Society for Endocrinology and the BTA have prepared a statement on the appropriate management of thyroid disease.

The final version of the UK guidelines for the Use of Thyroid Function Tests is now available for download. The guidelines were completed in June 2006. Comments on their accuracy and relevance are invited during the first year after publication and should be directed to is intended that a full review will take place after three years.

ATA thyroid nodules management guidelines 2009

ATA Medullary thyroid carcinoma management guidelines 2009

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